What Happened to Film Music?

I lament the changes in film music and the general simplification of film scores in modern movies.

Big EviL Applebine!

Big EviL releases our debut album which also comes in the form of a book of sheet music because we are weirdos.

Playing Music for Fun

Playing music exclusively for the fun of it? No challenges? No point to prove? Just partying? What a crazy idea!!

Space Elevator Debut!

Debut of my 19 piece experimental jazz metal big band Space Elevator.

Jazz Metal Craziness

I played on an album of extremely difficult and extremely cool jazz metal music.


The Delicate Art of Puppetry is a hilarious movie that I did the soundtrack for. I talk about soundtracks.


Gigs and gigs and gigs. All the gigs.


Album release by a free jazz band that I play with. It's named after the Japanese word for that feeling of calmness you get after an orgasm.

The Dumbest Thing...

I did a stupid mashup of silly songs. But then later I did like the whole song. I forget where it is... somewhere on my website probably.


I played some saxophones on a record.

Remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? I found it super funny so I wrote about it on my website because I'm a professional.