I seem to have stumbled into one of those periods where I have a bunch of super cool things coming up which is awesome, so here’s a website update to keep track of everything!

First off the lovely electro freak-rock duo Jerk In The Can, who just so happen to be signed to my ’record label’ are releasing their second album this Saturday (April 11th) and I’m stoked to be joining them on stage for that show!

A super exciting update, my free-jazz/acoustic noise quartet Key To Abyss is going to be opening for San Diego industrial noise master Author & Punisher! We are beyond excited for this gig, April 25th, it’s going to be insane!
In other Key To Abyss news, we’ve got a bunch of gigs coming up:
April 25th, opening for Author & Punisher
April 30th at The Kremlin
May 10th at the Railway Club
May 30th at Funky Winkerbeans (with another group of mine: Wet Nightmare)

Big summer shenanigans: VaudeVille Vagabonds just got confirmed for two big festivals! We’ll be playing at Cascadia in July down in Seattle, and we’ll be playing Atmosphere in August over on Vancouver Island.
Also we are on the verge of finally releasing some real life recordings so you can actually hear the band! (You can hear some initial recordings on an EP-esque thing we’ve put out)
We’ve also got a gig coming up May 1st at the Hindenburg.

My electronic/jazz/rock trio Edarem also has something huge on the horizon, but I think at this point it’s kinda secret hush hush. But I can tell you something something hiphop something something collaboration something something LA something. Be secretly stoked for that.

Some of you may remember my avant-garde funk band Big EviL which for the last little while has been in a strange not-broken-up-but-not-playing state. Well we are stoked to announce that we are finally playing again and will be booking some shows in the near future.

And outside of all that stuff I’ve somehow found time to fit in musical theatre gigs, film scores, session work, all that fun stuff.

I think that’s all for now. Probably. We’ll see.