A while ago my good friend and musical compadre Nikko Whitworth and I decided that we are involved in too many different projects for normal people to keep track of.

We decided it would be a good idea to be able to put all those groups under one name, and decided to start a ‘record label’

Now we are officially going public with it!

Postmodern Records is live!

We want to use this platform as a way to not only keep track of mine and Nikko’s projects, but also promote original and interesting music, even if we’re not directly involved in it.

Check out our Bandcamp that has recordings from a few of the groups we’re involved in as well as other local music.

We’ve got one of those Facebook pages that you can Like or whatever.

And we’ve got a YouTube channel with a few videos up there!

Also, I’m very excited about a record that we just put out of an old band of mine called Cats In Heat.

This group was very short lived and happened back in 2008 (I think)

It was basically my highschool friends and myself getting together a couple times and making up some very weird and unsettling music together.

Check out our debut album “Where’s Brad?” a blue album. for some of the strangest music I have ever been part of.

<a href="http://postmodernrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wheres-brad-a-blue-album">“Where’s Brad?” a blue album. by Cats In Heat</a>