Firstly, I gotta say I’m stoked for this upcoming weekend when VaudeVille Vagabonds will be headlining the Cascadia Music Festival down in Washington. We’ll be there all weekend and it’s going to be amazing. Well, maybe not headlining, but our name is the first one on the list after the main dude.
This is my first real experience playing a huge festival and I am supremely excited for it.
We’ll also be playing at Atmosphere later this summer, also stokeworthy.

On the other side of the musical spectrum, I recently went into the studio with a few incredible musicians and friends to lay down some tracks that will soon be turned into a killer hiphop album. We jammed in the studio, and now the music we created is being sent out to producers around the globe to be turned into beats for JR Butler’s debut CD. That’s going to be incredibly cool and I can’t wait to hear what comes out of the stuff we recorded.

I’m also stoked on YET ANOTHER NEW BAND of mine that has potential to be very interesting.
Coyote Pancake is, technically, a duo of myself and incredible local guitarist James Prescott. We both compose for the group and then get different people to fill out the rest of the band at every gig. So even when we’re playing the same songs, they’ll sound completely different depending on who we get to play with us.
We had our debut at X-Site the other weekend and it went over very well, people seemed to dig it, so that’s cool.

Lastly in this little update thingy, I’m happy to be playing another season of Theatre Under The Stars this summer.
I’m playing in Oliver, it’s all clarinet stuff, and as such is pushing my skills on clarinet to another level which is nice, always good to advance musically.

So that’s what’s happening in my life as a musical type of dude.
I know everyone was waiting with baited breath for this update, so now you have it.