I almost forgot to mention this incredible album that came out last month.

A little while ago a friend of mine introduced me to the music of the incredible composer

Ben Norton

and his insane jazz metal solo project


. I was absolutely enamoured with the music and immediately sent Ben an email saying if he ever needed any horns for his projects I would love to help out. A little while later and he got back to me asking if I was still interested.

Obviously yes.

Fast forward to about a month ago and Ben had sent me the sheet music and bed tracks for some of the craziest music I think I’ve ever played. Breakneck tempos, time signatures all over the spectrum, and an intense mash-up of jazz and heavy metal.

(Usually Ben posts the scores of his music on his website, so keep checking back to see if that shows up)

Finally the album is out and I encourage everyone to check it out if you have even the slightest interest in jazz, metal, or simply want to listen to some incredible and challenging music.

<a href="http://peculate.bandcamp.com/album/mines-in-the-sand">Mines in the Sand by Peculate</a>

(Or if you’re old and/or uncool and don’t like metal style screamed lyrics, there is also an instrumental version of the album)

<a href="http://peculate.bandcamp.com/album/mines-in-the-sand-instrumental">Mines in the Sand (Instrumental) by Peculate</a>

I highly encourage everyone to check out the album as well as any of Ben’s other music. The dude is insanely talented.