There has been a strange lack of playing music for fun in my life lately.

Of course any time spent playing music is a fun time, I don’t think anyone would follow a career in music if they didn’t have fun while playing, recording, or writing it.
But I’m referring to a specific kind of fun.

I played a gig with a newly formed ‘party band’ last night called Brass Bucket. The music consisted of brass band style covers of popular songs that everyone would know. Through and through a party band, out to have a good time, have fun, nobody is trying to impress anyone with insane solos or crazy arrangements, it was just party music to have a party to.

I realized that I haven’t been in a band like that since my old ska/rock band The Ivy League Brawlers broke up so many years ago.
Since then, most of my musical output has been in what I would call “artistically driven” groups which are obviously fun as I’ve been playing with some of them for 4 or 5 years now and always have an incredible time on stage with them, but they aren’t the type of band you can run through the audience while playing, or yell out the chorus to a song without worrying about harmonization. The music has been intentionally challenging, or the stage show is too hectic to get away with that much movement, or I’m worrying about external gear like effects pedals or synthesizers.

Playing in a band like this, it’s a very different type of fun, it’s been a while since I could just play a saxophone and not worry about the details.
I realized last night that I missed that.
I forgot the reason I got into music in the first place, to get on stage, have a party, have a good time, and have the audience reciprocate that.

I don’t know if I’m the only person in this situation, maybe, maybe not. 
But it’s good to get back to your roots sometimes, especially when you haven’t realized just how far from them you’ve gone.
I think I’m gonna spend the day listening to all those old ska bands I used to listen to day in and day out.