I remember when pop music all sounded the same (and it sounded bad)

I remember hearing the same hooks in three or four different songs, but at least the songs had slightly different subject matter, they at least put a little effort into being different.

Then I remember when every new band blatantly copied the style of whatever was popular at the time (I’m looking at you Maroon-5-Hedley-One-Republic, and pretty much every female pop singer) but they at least pretended that they came upon this sound authentically.

Everyone knew that everyone was just copying whatever sound was selling records (as much as ‘selling records’ is still a thing…) but at least the artists tried to pretend that they weren’t just copying each other.

And then the butts began.

Anaconda, Nicki Minaj’s latest video, is just blatant butt wiggling all over the place. Sure, that’s fine, twerking is mainstream these days and it’s super hip to shake your butt around. Miley Cyrus did it that one time and because she’s famous everybody started doing it.

So Anaconda comes out and does mildly well and everybody talks about butts.

Then this JLo & Iggy Azalea thing comes out called Booty.

(if you haven’t seen the videos, I’ve oh so helpfully provided the links)

At this point I realized pop music isn’t even trying any more. They used to copy whatever was popular but pretend they weren’t copying, but now, they are pretty much saying “Hey look! That other video all about butts is popular! So we made our own butt video! It’s like that other one, but… yeah, it’s like that other one!”

This is one step away from a Top 40 artist just straight up covering whatever song was popular last week in an effort to keep the money flowing. There’s no effort.

The two videos came out less than a month apart. This isn’t some sort of “throwback” to a cool thing from the past, it is just a case of “Let’s do that popular thing!”

Why don’t artists try any more? What happened to originality (or at least fake originality) in pop music?

More than anything, this is just lazy.

I’m pretty sure the next big hit is just going to be a video of a bunch of butts with a song that just goes “Butts butts butts butts butts” the whole time.

In fact I’m so sure of that that I went and recorded that song myself in hopes that MY butt will be plastered across every TV set (or… YouTube window?) in North America!

So sit back and enjoy my new hit single: