I’m pleased to say that I just recently finished working on a great little independant film called “The Delicate Art Of Puppetry” written and directed by the hilarious and talented Jacob Peters.
The film was a ton of fun to compose for, every time I met with Jacob there were so many stupid jokes exchanged that we almost forgot to actually get to the music a couple times.

Another cool thing about this particular film score is that it very heavily features the talents of some of my extremely talented close friends: Gemma Donn, Nikko Whitworth, and Katheryn Peterson on violin, cello, and accordion respectively.
They were kind enough to take time out of their crazy busy schedules and sit in a studio for hours while we worked out every little problemtic detail that came up. (And let me tell you, there were plenty!)

Speaking of problematic details: I’ve played so many sessions where I come in as a musician for hire to record on a record and there’s always a ‘hurry up and wait’ mentality. You get there on time, you set up, ready to go, then you wait. Always waiting.
These recording sessions were one of the first 'official’ times that I was in the producer’s chair and I got to experience the 'hurry up and wait’ phenomenon from an entirely different perspective! Let me tell you, there’s apparently reasons why things get held up! I have a brand new perspective on that part of recording now.

The Delicate Art Of Puppetry is all finalized and being sent off to film festivals across the country as we speak.
Not sure when the official release is yet, but you can check out the trailer and stuff at the website right HERE!

I’m stoked for whenever this thing gets released, it was a ton of fun. Mad props to everyone involved!