This is the joy of being a professional musician, between two weekends my job has taken me to possibly two of the farthest apart corners of the musical world.

Last weekend VaudeVille Vagabonds was lucky enough to be invited down to Seattle to headline one of the events at their steampunk convention called Steamposium.
The show was great, the audience loved us, we kept getting stopped all weekend (even out of makeup and costume) for people to talk to us and tell us how much they loved the show.
We met some amazing people and made some great connections down there.
So that was last weekend, playing our strange brand of circus rock while acrobats swirled around my head and Mexican wrestlers almost bodyslammed werewolves onto my pedal board.

This weekend the wonderful world of being a professional musician has me in a pair of lederhosen playing polka music for an Oktoberfest celebration!
I was contacted by one of the organizers for the Harvest Haus event to put together some musicians to provide polka and oompah music to the people attending the celebration.
I have to say this is one of the weirder gigs I’ve played, it all seems so surreal. Countless hours arranging music and writing charts for the band and now it’s actually happening. (Plus Nikko Whitworth is playing tuba on this gig, and that’s weird enough on its own!)

Life as a musician, there’s never a dull moment.