I finally got around to adding a bunch of my upcoming shows to that fancy shmancy Google Calendar app I’ve got going over on this page: http://mikewtallen.com/performances

A quick summary:
Capilano A Band concerts. Big band jazz, I think one of them is dedicated to Dave Brubeck, so I guess that’s pretty cool.
Edarem. We’ve got two upcoming concerts just announced: Feb 26 and March 14. Check it out because we haven’t performed in a while! Also, on March 14th I’m gonna be rushing straight from an A Band gig to this one. Will I make it in time? Only one way to find out!!
VaudeVille Vagabonds: We just got picked for a weekly residence at the Night Circus which is happening all through February at the Vancouver FanClub. Every Saturday in February (except the 1st) we’ll be there. That’s gonna be nuts, pole dancers, burlesque, music, dancing, clowns, the whole gamut.

Also, not a new show, but be stoked for Key To Abyss’ public debut Jan 23rd at the Railway Club!

More info on all these shows can be found over on the Shows/Performance page, or just, you know, ask me.