my 8pmTonight I had the honour of having John Korsrud’s Hard Rubber Orchestra perform one of my compositions: Sloove The Traction It was incredible to hear players of that calibre perform my music, everything was flawless, I was blown away. Huge thank you to John for allowing me to be part of that concert.

Speaking of Sloove The Traction:
Space Elevator’s performance back in February was a rousing success! We performed to a sold out audience, the Fox Cabaret was packed to capacity and it was incredible! The unanimous response seemed to be that of “Wow!” from persons and press alike. Soon I will be posting a ‘demo reel’ of sorts from the recordings I was able to get from that concert.

 Upcoming: I will be performing in a group called Space Junk (what’s with me and space themed bands?) where we will be playing the entirity of David Bowie’s final album Blackstar. More details can be found here.

As for all my remaining April performances:
Joe Harvey and Max Ley’s graduation recitals
April 22nd, VCC Auditorium, 1pm and 3pm respectively
Key To Abyss
April 22nd, Merge, 8pm
(more info)
Space Junk performing Blackstar
April 23rd, The Rickshaw, 8pm
(more info)
Party Band (name TBA)
April 27th, UBC, 10pm

Last but not least (DEFINITELY not least!)
I recently came into possession of a bass saxophone! This thing is massive and it is a definite high point in my life so far!
Expect videos and recordings soon, once I can wrap my mind around how to properly play this beast.
(Pictures can be found on my Instagram page)

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