This is a hugely exciting thing for me that has been extremely hard to keep quiet for so long.

When I graduated from Cap I organized a concert that included the performances of a few piece of ‘experimental big band’ music I had written.
I like to think of the music as 'experimental rock played by a big band’ more so than 'big band jazz’ An expanded rhythm section, two drummers, effects pedals, atonal discordant harmonies, big loud crazy music.
Imagine if Duke Ellington and the Mars Volta were into each other.

This music though, as fun as it was to perform, was an absolute headache to get everything ready for. The music, the charts, the rehearsals, it was a mess of late nights, scheduling conflicts, and lack of sleep (even for me) I swore I would never put on a concert like that again.

A little over a year ago I started composing some more music in the vein of this experimental big band stuff I had done at my grad recital. I liked the way this music was sounding, and so probably around 6 months ago I decided to put on another concert of this stuff, because I am not a smart man.

Finally this is all starting to come to fruition.
FEBRUARY 11TH 2016 will mark the debut of this new slew of music at the FOX CABARET THEATRE on Main St.

This concert will be the product of, once again, countless hours of formatting charts, organizing schedules, and losing sleep. I’m sure though, that once again it will all be worth it to see this music come to life in the hands of some of Vancouver’s greatest musicians that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.
I’ve decided to call this group Space Elevator because, like the theoretical space transportation system, this project is super cool in theory, a lot of work in practice, and, you know, who would even do that in the first place?

More information about this concert can be found here.

The music itself will be a mixture of odd metres, discordant harmonies, grooves that somehow groove even though they shouldn’t, and incredible solos from incredible musicians.
The influences I’ve accumulated into this set of music range from Snarky Puppy to Steve Reich to Kendrick Lamar to Strapping Young Lad, so it is going to be a mixed bag for sure.
If you’re a fan of music that pushes at the boundaries of what any given style should sound like, you should come to this concert.
If you like music that takes risks and goes places you wouldn’t think it would, come to this concert.
If you want to see 19 people crammed onto the stage of the Fox Theatre, come to this concert.

The outstanding musicians playing on this concert are as follows:

Saxes: Brent Mah, Ridley Bishop, Dominic Conway, James Martin, David Brown
Trumpets: Jocelyn Waugh, Erik Engholm, Michael Coury, Heather Anderson
Trombones: Nicky Walsh, Harrison Rose, Andrew Radke (one more TBA)
Guitars: Curt Henderson, Thomas Hoeller
Keys: Terence Trusdale
Bass: Nikko Whitworth
Drums: Max Ley, Eliot Doyle

I am extremely excited to share this music with everyone on FEB 11th at the FOX CABARET THEATRE
Tickets should be available at soon, and I will update when those are officially available.