So here’s some more information on the two albums I’ll be releasing next week.

Collected Works of Raccoon Metal

This is a scientific work of field recordings that I did while out in the wilderness of British Columbia researching the phenomena known as “raccoon metal”

To clarify, all this music was played by raccoons, because humans can’t accurately play raccoon metal (although there’s been some instances of human bands incorporating some raccoon metal influences into their music.

For a more in depth analysis of the genre, read this:

Raccoon metal is a genre of music listened to and created primarily by raccoons.

The music shares many ties with so-called “extreme” styles of music (such as metal, grindcore, and some forms of punk) but differs as there can be heard many elements of noise-music in the genre.

Typical instrumentation in raccoon metal is vocals, electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, although other instruments have been used.

Noise-music influences can be heard in the guitar and bass lines of raccoon metal which often stray from or even avoid typical “musical” traits such as traditional chords, scales or melodies. Sometimes the players will opt to simply play open strings as fast as possible just to make noise. Influences from other forms of music such as metal and grindcore are found in the drum parts which are often extremely fast and employ techniques such as double kick and blast beats. Guitar and bass players in raccoon metal will often use distortion and overdrive effects as well as others on their guitars to further the overall discordant sound of the genre. Vocals in raccoon metal are almost always in the vein of heavy metal music, using growls, screams, and other techniques commonly associated with heavier music. There are rarely any words to raccoon metal songs, almost always screaming nonsense words or simply yelling.

The most notable element of raccoon metal, argued by some to be the defining trait that sets raccoon metal apart from any other genre of music, is that every song ends with the uttering the word “raccoon” in some form.

There is a small group that have argued that saying “raccoon” at the end of every song is silly and a few bands calling themselves raccoon metal have written songs without the final “raccoon” at the end. Most fans of the genre, though, insist that having “raccoon” at the end of each song is what makes the style what it is and have shunned any bands calling themselves raccoon metal without the final “raccoon” in their songs.

Raccoon metal has thus far not gained much mainstream popularity as it is primarily listened to by raccoons, but a few bands have made some headway into human popularity by employing raccoon metal influences into other forms of music. Raccoon metal maintains a strong underground following in the raccoon world and is argued to be the most popular music in the animal kingdom (although there is some debate over if insect music should be included)

There are small local raccoon metal scenes primarily in North America and usually in urban districts, though there are some smaller raccoon metal scenes in forested areas.

Wind: Raccoon Metal Downtime

The second album was also created while I was researching raccoon metal. This is an album of ambient soundscapes, atmospheric calming pieces of music that I experienced while out in the wilderness, I was able to capture this music by using special recording technology that let me hear the sounds of the forest as a raccoon would, and this was the result.

I believe this is a major influence on the creation of the raccoon metal genre, as I heard not much other music while I was researching the raccoons.

It is my theory that raccoon metal is the antithesis to the sounds heard in the forest, that the music is reactionary and intentionally opposed to the calming sounds of the forest. At least, that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why raccoon metal would sound so violent when compared to the soundscapes that they no doubt must hear on a daily basis.

To human ears, Wind can act as a detox to the harshness of Raccoon Metal

I would suggest studying both albums to see what reasons you can come up with for the apparent dichotomy between the music raccoons hear, and the music they create. It is a strange phenomenon, but I hope that listeners to both albums may have some insight or theories of their own.

August 1st will be the release date for both albums, and you can be sure I’ll be announcing it all over my Twitter and my Instagram plus anywhere else I can think of to make announcements.