First things first (I’m a realist)
I’m also bad at keeping any sort of semi-regular update going on this website.
(But I am pretty good at keeping my Instagram and Twitter updated)

Partially it’s because I feel like the best use of this site should be to promote upcoming releases, important gigs, or cool developments, and there hasn’t been too many that I’ve felt warrant a website update.

But here’s some:

I was contacted by the Royal Military College of Canada to arrange a medley of songs from the Portal video game series, as well as compose an original piece to celebrate the graduating class of 2014.
The original composition was meant for their wind ensemble plus the pipes and drums band. This was the first time I’ve written for bagpipes, so it was quite a steep learning curve. I think it turned out pretty well though.
Once the pieces are rehearsed and performed, I’ll try to get a recording and they’ll for sure go up somewhere for people to hear.

Musical theatre has recently become a large part of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to play in 3 since April. The first was Cabaret put on by Pipedream Theatre Project, after that I was lucky enough to play flute in the North Shore Light Opera Society’s production of Gondoliers, and for the past month and a half (and for the rest of August) I’m playing in Theatre Under The Stars in Legally Blonde.
Musical theatre is interesting, and I’ve got a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, it is steady work with a guaranteed paycheque at the end, but on the other hand it’s often a huge time commitment and, honestly, not the most creative of musical outlets (luckily as a horn player I’ve had a few chances to take solos in some of the more modern shows)
Maybe I’ll take a break from musical theatre for the next month or two.

Also in April I officially became a ‘graduate’ as I finished my studies in the jazz program at Capilano University.
At Capilano, graduating students have a “grad recital” wherein they perform selections of pieces that showcase what they’ve learned during their time at Cap.
As a composition major, traditionally I should not have gotten a grad recital, however, I was having none of that and my illustrious and enigmatic composition teacher Bradshaw Pack urged me to go against the grain and have a grad recital anyways.
In the end I did, and it involved close to 30 musicians (almost all of them on stage at one time for a couple of the pieces) It was a nightmare to organize and prepare for, but in the end it was worth it.
I have a recording as well as plenty of photos and some video (graciously photographed and filmed by Gillian Weber-Leedham and Edmond Lu) from the event, so hopefully soon I will be able to release that to the world for your collective enjoyment or pain.

Things to look forward to:
Key To Abyss:
Live album
Reissue of debut album
VaudeVille Vagabonds:
Seattle Festival gig
Debut album
Electronic-ish album
Grad recital footage