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Hot off the amazing performance of my composition “Flashlight”, commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, now it’s time for everyone to get stoked about the slightly louder side of my compositional output:

20 person jazz-metal freak-show Space Elevator’s debut album is available now courtesy of the good people at Redshift Records


Composer, Performer, Producer

Described by Discorder Magazine as a “compositional tour-de-force”, award winning Mike WT Allen established himself early on as a maverick in the music scene by stubbornly following his own iconoclastic ideas about music, often to their most extreme ends.

As a composer with an ear open to anything from jazz to avant-garde metal, trip hop to no-wave, Mike constantly makes an effort to represent his eclectic tastes in his musical output, often times creating a hybrid sound in the process that is both familiar yet strange.

When it comes to performing Mike is always looking to explore new sounds, whether that means performing on a revolving door of woodwind instruments, exploring the depths of synthesizers, or running his instruments through effects pedals to alter their natural sound. A desire to find new timbres or noises not normally associated with whatever instrument in his hands drives his creative process.

For any questions about gigs, commissions, lessons, etc email me:

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Discorder Magazine
on Space Elevator

“ of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations of musical prowess that I have ever experienced” (read full article)


Beatroute Magazine
on Big EviL

“...despite hosting tags of “noisy“ and “wacky,“ their performance will win over anyone with a display of mastery over instruments.“ (read full article)


The Langara Voice
on Key To Abyss

“If I had to describe Key To Abyss's music I'd say it sounds like a old time steamer sinking into the Marianna Trench, in a good way” 


Capilano Courier
on Space Elevator

“...a showcase for some of the best musicians Vancouver has to offer, an exhibit of Allen’s compositional genius and, simply put, a captivating show that elevated the big band genre into a whole other galaxy.” (read full article)


My Mom
after seeing one of my concerts

“Michael child, you might be a genius. I can't believe I'm saying that.“


lidstone gig.jpg

Cool Things

Cool Things

Musical Highlights

  • Flashlight” for chamber ensemble, commissioned by The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

  • Sloove The Traction” performed by the Hard Rubber Orchestra

  • Space Elevator headlining performance at West Coast Big Band Festival

  • Big EviL performance at ArtsWells where Al Simmons said we were his favourite band

  • Had a composition of mine Woke Floke Gaze performed at The Orpheum

  • Big EviL headlining spot at Vancouver Jazz Fest, Canada Day 2017 David Lam Park

  • 2016 Capilano Courier Reader's Choice Award for Best Musician

  • Soundtrack to award winning short film Help Wanted

  • Best Local Avant-Garde Artist nomination for Key To Abyss

  • Soundtrack to the award winning short film A Gift For Amelia

  • Commissioned by the Royal Military College of Canada to compose an original piece

  • Space Elevator debut performance to a sold out crowd at the Fox Cabaret

  • Headlining spots for VaudeVille Vagabonds at Cascadia and Atmosphere music festivals

  • Guest musician with Los Furios, opening for k-os

  • Ivy League Brawlers opening for and joined on stage by Angelo Moore of Fishbone

  • Space Junk, a tribute to David Bowie's Blackstar featuring Bend Sinister and Cobra Ramone

  • Music composed for and used in commercials/videos with clients including BC Hydro

  • Guest spots recording or playing with Marianas Trench, Colin James, Los Furios, Bestie, Ben Norton, BRASS, Sadie Campbell