"No, you can't play the drums."


"In the summer before grade 4 I was given the choice of which instrument I wanted to play in band class. I picked the drums because they're loud and cool. My mother disapproved, I protested, so finally she said she was going to count to 5 and then she was going to pick the instrument. Mortified that she might pick something lame like the clarinet, I hurriedly decided on the saxophone. (of course these days, so many years after narrowly escaping a fate of playing the dreaded clarinet, about 1/3 of my gigs call for the instrument"

Mike WT Allen made a point early on of going against the grain within the music community. His time spent in Capilano University's jazz program resulted in a drive to do the opposite of whatever everyone else is doing, whether that meant composing an 8 minute epic for a 9 piece band (when the assignment only asked for a short little tune for a 3 piece) or insisting that his "jazz big band" needs two drummers, a pile of synths, and odd metre metal riffs, or booking his instrumental free-jazz quartet on a night otherwise populated by experimental noise artists and heavy metal bands. If somebody says it can't be done (or more often shouldn't be done) then there's a pretty good chance Mike will do it.

Keeping himself busy as a performer as well as a composer, Mike plays in a multitude of his own and other people's groups across a wide range of instruments and styles. In addition to his playing, Mike also composes music for local film/video/commercial projects as well as writing for his and other people's bands. He has had his compositions performed by the Royal Military College of Canada, John Korsrud's Hard Rubber Orchestra, and the Adam Jones Big Band as well as smaller groups throughout Canada. Mike has recorded or aided in the recording of a number of self-released albums over the course of his career and would most accurately call himself a "slightly above amateur recording engineer". The most recent product of the recording side of Mike's musical output is the 2016 release by Big EviL "Applebine" which was recorded, produced, and mixed entirely by the band themselves at their home studio.

Mike's primary performing instruments are within the reeds and keyboard families and include alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones, Eb, Bb, and bass clarinets, flute, oboe, piano, e. piano, organ, synthesizer, as well as often running those instruments through a series of effects pedals to explore otherworldly sounds. Mike composes using Sibelius and records/produces using Logic Pro.

Always looking for the next new exciting thing, feel free to contact Mike for any performances, recordings, compositions, or just to say like "Hey man, how's it going?"