Original Projects

As in projects that are "my bands", stuff where I'm a primary composer, improviser, or player

+ Space Elevator

20 person experimental jazz-metal big band playing all original compositions written by myself.
Sold out performances at Fox Cabaret, described as “one of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations of musical prowess” by Discorder Magazine.

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+ Big EviL

Instrumental 5 piece “punk jazz” group that plays crazy spastic music mixing jazz, punk, avant-garde, and a healthy dose of “skronk”.
Somehow we got a headlining spot at Vancouver Jazz Fest, were featured on CiTR Radio, and toured Western Canada

+ Key To Abyss

4 piece improvised free jazz/acoustic noise group, we make it all up every time we get on stage.
KTA has been joined on stage by some of Vancouver's improvised music legends such as Ron Samworth, Chad Makela, Jeff Younger. Performed live score to a special edited version of The Shining. Plus sometimes I play bass sax in this one.

+ Edarem

Jazz rock and electronic music mashed up into one band featuring effects pedals, synths, and grooves.
It's like the sickest band, but it's full of the busiest people I know, so we barely ever play. Somebody call those guys and tell them we should book a gig.

+ Mandlebrat

Free jazz improv collective. Rotating cast of like 15 musicians, it's a different lineup every time we play, and we make it all up as we go along.

+ Solo Work

I perform and produce music of all sorts on my own. Sometimes it's groovy electronic stuff, sometimes it's spacious ambient works, sometimes it's loud abrasive noise, I can't even keep track of it all, I can't expect you to.



Other Projects

As in projects that are "other people's bands", cover bands, stuff where all I do is blow into a sax or something

+ Teapot In The Tuba

Clarinet and accordion duo that performs original music as well as various covers of pop, jazz, roma, and world music.

+ Green Penny Folks

Dawn Boudreau's original compositions and arrangements presented in a folk jazz idiom (I get to be the “jazz” part of that)

+ Balkan Shmalkan

Balkan brass band that plays festivals, parties, parades, bars, pretty much wherever we can fit.

+ Jeff Gladstone

Cowboy noire music written by Jeff Gladstone performed by some of Vancouver's top musicians (and also me)

+ Spirogroove

Pop, funk, soul cover band that performs at private events, clubs, parties, it's good times music.

+ Drive Street Band

Community band that I help lead that plays pop, jazz, Dixieland, and funk music. If you ever want to come play, do it!

+ Other bands...

Wet Nightmare
Sadie Campbell
Sister Says
Bitterly Divine
There's probably more...